New for 2020:
Social Media Audits

Real world advice to take your social media game to the next level…

  • How to get more high quality followers
  • Discover proven strategies to increase engagement
  • Learn how to convert followers into customers
  • See how you stack up against your competition
  • Find out if you’ve been “shadow banned” or otherwise had your reach limited
  • And MUCH more!

We’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to improve your results. All recorded on video so you can watch and take action at your own pace. Delivered within 72 hours.

Social Media Audit

Frequently Asked Questions

What social media platforms can you audit?

We currently offer audits on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Each audit covers a single platform in-depth.

How is the audit delivered?

You’ll get a screen recording video of us going through your primary social media platform, delivered online via Google Drive or Vimeo.

How long will the video audit be?

It depends on your social game and how much we need to cover, but on average you can expect a 30-45 minute video.

Who does the audit?

Social media audits are done by our Queen of Social, Vesna. She has built accounts of over 30,000 real people, generated hundreds of thousands of dollars directly from her own social media accounts, and is still in the trenches every single day managing social media her own ecommerce businesses.

Can you help me implement the recommendations?

Yes, in most cases we can help you make the majority of the improvements we suggest. If you decide to have us implement the changes the money you spend on the audit will be credited to your project.

Do you offer refunds?

Sure, if you don’t think the changes we recommend will help you make more money from your social media then we’ll happily refund your money in full.

What happens after I place my order?

As soon as you order you’ll get an email receipt confirming your payment, and a second email asking for a couple of details about the social media account you’d like us to take a look at. Your audit will be placed in the queue and recorded within 72 hours.